Review of Airmeet

Showing videos of people speaking using Airmeet in action

Host virtual meetings with a range of useful tools to help you make things work right. Have more than one speaker at it Able to sell products or services or simply use it as network or training system You can go onto video call with one two people at the event meaning you talk to … [Read more…]

Review of

shows animation style of like star fishes in different colours such ad blue or gray or green or orange among other colours in a water style of background

Designed to make programming or learning how to do it very easy so adult or child a like can learn it fairly easy Lots of guides online Can use it online or offline easy easy Even with no programming knowledge learning, it would be quite easy for you most of the time  You don’t need … [Read more…]


My life transformed right when I found AppSumo bargains. However what is AppSumo? AppSumo is a lifetime software offer industry. It functions such as this: A software application offer is available as a life time bargain for a price that’s a portion of the price of what you would certainly pay annually. Several bargains can … [Read more…]

Dumb and dumber LTD providers

Dealmirror So let me tell you how this story started I bought hosting of this group so I thought I could use hosting something which seemed a confusing thing for both parties to understand so I sent in total 3 emails then I give up and on the forth asked for refund then the … [Read more…]

Gary Kildall inventor of Dos

Image of Gary Kildall the man who invented Dos wearing a white shirt and smiling with his head facing the left in the photo

The many most people never think about but he was the creator of a software which allowed people to move on from the complex skills it required to do simple things like open a program or click a mouse or watch video or anything else easy to allow people to complete these sort of things … [Read more…]

A Few Microsoft mistakes

The idea of Bill gates meant to be some kind of programmer is laugher since no company or software to date his business has bought they have not wreaked in big way meaning using it more less pointless anymore for example Skype in May 2011 they bought before that it used to be a software … [Read more…]