Gary Kildall inventor of Dos

Image of Gary Kildall the man who invented Dos wearing a white shirt and smiling with his head facing the left in the photo

The many most people never think about but he was the creator of a software which allowed people to move on from the complex skills it required to do simple things like open a program or click a mouse or watch video or anything else easy to allow people to complete these sort of things … [Read more…]

A Few Microsoft mistakes

The idea of Bill gates meant to be some kind of programmer is laugher since no company or software to date his business has bought they have not wreaked in big way meaning using it more less pointless anymore for example Skype in May 2011 they bought before that it used to be a software … [Read more…]

Is safe? brand image showing greent then yellow then red then blue colours stacked together kind of like apps stacked one after another here

A wee introduction into this software it’s designed to allow you play Android apps on your windows or Mac computers such as videogames or Whatapp among many more things. One thing which really blow my mind when I started using it is how incredible slow it makes computers I tried it on two both computers … [Read more…]

3 Best Laptops for Coders in 2021

Being a reader of LifeOfCoding, I’m sure you’ll love a collection of laptops that coders can utilize to better their productivity. I’ll be sharing a few laptops here that any coder who’s looking for a new laptop can take a look at and consider buying. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in. #1 … [Read more…]

Programmer story time

image kind of like the style from matrix with green and background like the idea of hacking a mainframe

Breaking down problems with coding should be done in a simple way to make the task become simpler for the programmer working short term or long term a like  Learning a new programming language can allow you to go further such as Java itself is powerful program which is used in many programs a round … [Read more…]

Nitropack problems!

Nitropack email about being offline

A lot of people claim this will make your site load very fast so is this true or false? In simple terms yes but if you have a more complex site it can more less break it when you do what the software recommends which happened on one of are sites before. It can give … [Read more…]