Let’s crush it with Designbold!

Designbold example graphic you could make white background with black spinning affect

What is this program for? Making images  Creating images fast making unique images for any kind of business more less having like your own team of professional photographic working for you since some the images were taking from famous locations among other places Saving you money Once you logged in click New design+ you will … [Read more…]

What is the life of a programmer like?

First the negatives here! Can become Stressful sometimes Lack of money Rough clients Problems with laws or Governments People always wanting to pay you a tiny wage or income amount for jobs Getting thrown away when someone offers to do it cheaper than you Software you use to build others kinds break or go offline … [Read more…]

When to Replace Your Concrete Driveway?

When to Replace your Concrete Driveway A concrete driveway is an investment that, when installed properly, should generally last you around 30 years. While at the time it may seem more cost-effective and convenient to just repair problems as they come, sometimes it can just create more issues in themselves. There are a couple of … [Read more…]

Android Studio

android studio logcat  android studio java heap space  android studio low memory  android studio colors codes  android studio default vmoptions bob

Android increase memory

Method 1. Use Memory Card to Increase Internal Storage. Very easy to do this Method 2. Delete Unwanted Apps and Clean All the History and Cache Method 3. Use USB OTG Storage Method 4. Turn to Cloud Storage Method 5. Use Terminal Emulator App Method 6. Use INT2EXT Method 7. Use Mounts2SD App You can … [Read more…]

Adding memory to a Mac

Ram part of computer on a wooden table

First read the Apple instruction manual for the dims you will be installing . Shutdown your Mac pro and wait at least 10 minutes for it cool down. Check the temper of the computer to make sure it is fully cool before starting doing work further here before you open it Unplug all cables except … [Read more…]

Text color style

The colour of any of your letters can be used allow the following to happen Improve stay time Look more attractive to website visitors Make people send you emails asking what colour or style it is Look better during programming themed jobs Give creative feel to webpages HTML / CSS Color NameHex Code #RRGGBBDecimal Code (R,G,B) crimson #DC143C rgb(220,20,60) firebrick #B22222 … [Read more…]


A simple kind of Android util library to write any type of data into cache files and then read them later, using Gson to serialize and deserialize these data. bob

Microsoft Minesweeper

I will give you a little bit of history into this game in the past most Windows based computer contained this free game sometimes in other styles with different levels or parts to it was popular game by kids all the way up to adults to simply fill in some spare time or do it … [Read more…]