CSS purpose

CSS purpose

Having the CSS on page on an HTML site allows the site to change many different things which could include

  • Colour
  • Style
  • Font
  • Speed

The colours on-site can make things look better or increase your traffic or sales if it’s right for example with The Rangers football club  you would want blue to appear on the website someone where since that is the main colour of the football club so having blue could be used to make the site visitors stay longer or happier since this is the main colour of the team or there rival be Celtic who most people think about them with Green since the team came from Ireland so having green on the site could increase your site visitor stay time overall.

The style should fit the purpose of the site for example if it’s a simple landing page you need to promote a product for example a health care product then just having the images show up right in quality and speed wise with a nice easy to follow such as like bright yellow or white or black colour so the person will generally like the look of it then in theory buy the product you are trying to sell if that’s the case then a short amount of code in your Css file should be enough for the service of the business.

You can make things complex or simple depending on your needs if you want say a high quality say website designer forum then having a style which gives a strong sign of professionalism in the business such as deep black colour could be used to show that and also content which gives of educated or smart look to the site content when possible can be good to show in your style of this sheet as well.

The font should allow things to look good and also give you a quality look to the site you can change in the CSS file to whatever style you want such as like Arial or Lora or any other style you may want to show in your site but make sure when possible it’s easy to read since a lot of the styles which can be shown on websites often people can’t read easily which can annoy people some of the times so make sure you run an experiment to see if people like it or not when possible.

Speed is a big benefit of using Css since it’s not like how things work on a CSS and it gets loaded faster by just one file compared to some CMS instead loading design for each post or page often which can make it run slower overall which could annoy your site visitors or Google a like for why having the CSS file giving all your style or looks you need done for your business can be a good way to do things to give your website beauty and clean or effective design which should impress your site visitors overall.

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