Blogger platform

Advantages of this site style

  • Loads very fast
  • Free to use it short term or long term a like
  • Has a lot of themes or styles you can get for free or buy quite easy as well if you want them.
  • Good amount of SEO onpage can be done on just Blogger own setting over the site overall

The platform gives you one of the best servers in the world for it being free it can be good long term as well as short term you are getting a server worth over $1000 per month roughly for free and it will never fail really overall since a lot of other servers experience often down time for a hour or so per month when compared to free source like Blogger in some cases the idea of moving a blogger server to like your own paid server it can often not make much sesne for why some people run success long term blogger sites some of the time it can work on like blog or ecommerce or other styles overall pretty well for most people .

To make it run right all you do is get blogger server then copy it’s name to your name provider it should work or go online in most cases pretty fast then you can start doing content or getting your codes like Google console added on it normally in a efficient sort of way overall.

In the past blogger was more just something people used to run a online business short term over it being free but more and more people found it could work great long term as well for why some people now prefer just running blogger sites which can be very good for high end competition niches like event blogging or say running a car site this is why many SEO people will often use blogger even on sites which make like $10,000 sales per month or more in some cases overall. css

Having free server can seem good idea short term but a lot of the other servers have a lot of limitations such not much traffic or other softwares or things can work on many of them but in regards to Google version none of these problems exist in most cases people found out overall.

A lot of people just think you know we can only use the theme it starts with on Blogger that is not correct you can find them through a quick Yandex search as well which can give you free themes or paid themed just as likely which can be cool overall for long term use to make your site look beautiful and even if people find out it’s on blogger I doubt many would then think your site low quality since a fiar amount of sites which make big money are just on the free platform such as  some people even left like WordPress or Drupal or other CMS to use this instead since the benefits often outweight the small amount of problems which can come from blogger overall.

Disadvantages of this style?

  • Training for it is often out of date
  • Themes lack of them may get annoying for some people
  • Can’t do all HTML stuff on it some of the time

Many people who used to do big blogger sites were in regards to  event blogging where a person would rank for like teacherday then make like £500 sales per day or more since it was on free strong  hosting it would not break overall  as such no matter how high your traffic got it would stay online in most cases as such many people who used to do blogger things in big way stopped over finding out some parts of it can be bad for long term use overall and finding help for it can get hard some of the time if you want to solve a more complex problem in some of the cases overall.

Themes on Blogger do exist a semi decent amount but compared to like Drupal or WordPress or Joomla it can be a lot less meaning in some cases you maybe have  to pay someone to design one to suit your business needs or wants for  getting the perfect design of the online company overall.

HTML will not always work perfect on this site but in a lot of cases it will allow videos like from Youtube to run on it perfect or some kind of codes you may design yourself or a programmer could make for you may in some cases not work to well on  this platform but a lot of other ones can work well on it .

You can also run fairly easy on this kind of platform a high quality ecommerce with the server strength alone from Google it can work well for short term or long term ecommerce sites and since you don’t have to worry about the chance of server break which on ecommerce sites then sometimes using this style of system can be good thing to make sure of overall.

Server names for Blogger 

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