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The simple table here can be used to show you some possible route you could make a profit from over 12 month period it could be more or less depending on the services or your budget overall. Tablepress

Many people who start ecommerce think it’s like this you buy a domain and hosting then you will make money very fast in most cases that is fully impossible unless you have big budget or understand SEO or PPC well or get lucky for one way or another overall.

Ecommerce is overall a pretty competitive niche in most cases for example lets say you can only spend like $1000 for PPC per month and your competitor can spend like $5000 per month you will not be able to get to the front page of Adwords much overall you can still make money but until your budget reaches there level or higher you will struggle to do adwords right overall and in some cases what you spend for ads can cost more than your profit margin so be aware  of that if you don’t see sales or make long term profit then don’t reply on PPC stuff to much.

You can pay SEO agency or SEO manager to do the SEO work for you if you don’t understand SEO well enough or you simply don’t have  enough time to complete the jobs yourself which can often be big problem for many people since they read BS from  some kind of Guru telling them anyone can do SEO then do it then get annoyed when the idea does not work or often tells half the truth which is often the case by gurus who sell you a idea or dream where they say something like”buy my course for $1000 then make your first $10,000 Ecommerse sales within 2 months” which will often not work so if something sounds to good to be truth that is often case so be aware all form of SEO require talent and money if you need both to get the money or sales you want  from your site or online business a like overall .

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