Why do so many CMS work poor long term often?

Why do so many CMS work poor long term often?

  • Speed
  • Badly coded
  • Themes lack style or quality often
  • Designed for small or medium sites often
  • Hosting can cost more and more often on these styles of sites
  • Bad to making unique

Speed is something all CMS often are very bad at this is often connected to bad coding and also basically many are designed for only one or a small number of things such as WordPress is for blogging for why it often sucks at Ecommerce work or makes the slow get worse and worse often since it’s designed for the blogging idea not over for why the speed often goes downhill fast, for example, BuddyPress is good sure designed or idea wise but for social media site if you want real one custom HMTL is normally the best way to do it so you can upgrade things fast to suit a ever-changing  site visitor base .

Badly coded is often a case with many of them all over many people who make them often don’t come from coding or website designing background for why many add on things like themes or plugins or extension often don’t work well over these areas or they perform actions wrong or slow because of lack of coding practice being a strong connection to the problems of these often.

Themes can be good or bad but often the problem with them is they end up looking basic or boring or created to load bad from SEO viewpoints or speed factors or just create poor click through rates as well often a big problem with them.

If you run a small to medium online business then things like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other forms can work great but once your site gets busier you will often find it becomes not practical to keep using it long-term.

Hosting can on a small scale shared hosting cost like $5 for starter WordPress normally but when your sites gets busy it can go up to $100 or $1000 or more but you could easy on like $100 on full HTML run $1000 website host cost overall since you are not paying for the storage of the CMS it can allow you to save a lot of money and you have to include plugins or other things these CMS often need mean the cost can go from low to high very fast often.

Having a site looking unique can increase sales or simply allow you to sell for more money for example let’s say your site is worth $20,000 on a CMS system if your site is on full HTML setup it could mean you could sell it for like $40,000 if the style looks good enough it could mean it could sell for more money at auctions or just look better when you sell it .

You can also have any style work on HTML such as forums, Social media, sports sites, videogame sites like Steam think about having a site like that or SEO software site like say Semrush or Ahrefs let’s say they were running on WordPress could that work?

The answer would be no since WordPress is on PHP which is out of date language and does not work well on long term site use if you just want a simple site then sure use that CMS or something else or better overall or do what your client wants and also security on CMS will often be weak or bad part of why many people who get a site hacked ditch the CMS and move onto a more secure system which is what most big companies do overall.

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