Drupal review

Strong Benefits

  • Secure
  • CMS will load fast overall
  • It can work without using extensions or plugins
  • Themes look good most of the time
  • Ecommerce

A lot of people don’t know that Drupal is overall a secure system since most people don’t know how to work log into it to easy over the popular of say WordPress instead and overall never heard any myself complains about secure I  would guess some people have problems with it secure wise.

Hacked extensions or themes don’t really exist in this CMS overall so that alone can make things more secure overall.

Loading fast is something that impressed me a lot when  I first used this overall.

You can use it straight out after installing it without you being forced to keep installing or adding in new features all the time I found you could work it without installing any add onto the site which is really cool overall.

Themes will mostly be coded very well since most people who create them come from website designer background or simple were trained well on how to create them so most of the themes will look incredible or be good SEO wise overall.

Ecommerce on this platform can often look amazing and will not be slow in most cases and can allow you to make decent money have heard of  a few people doing over $50,000 sales per month using just this as their CMS so it can work well on busier sites easy.

Cheap hosting can allow this platform of software to work well overall .

Strong weakness

  • When upgrades happen it can prove complex or mess to upgrade to other Drupal like from 3 to 4 to 5
  • Not too many people can help you if you get problems with regards to Drupal compared to WordPress overall
  • Themes or plugins are often not updated much

Drupal 3 was too many people the best version made when I tried 4 it was full of issues after issues and nothing would work on it from like Drupal 3 this meant all the good points of it from the past would not work on Drupal 4 I think even the creators of Drupal knew it was not good for why they seem to very fast move onto Drupal 5 I can see why they did it but in a lot of cases Drupal upgrade is done very slow meaning it could take 6 months or longer for an upgrade to come if a problem happens which could happen it could take a long time for a solution to come your way or client way alike.

When you move from like Drupal 3 to like Drupal 5 it does not just click your mouse and then job done it means often you have to like redesign the site to  work the style which then I tried it did seem kind of complex.

Many projects for Drupal get abandoned that alone could mean your favorite feature made by someone could stop getting worked on and then not work on the next release such you may be forced to get not get it again or have to pay someone big money to make it for yourself unless  you can program yourself well enough.

Community does exist for Drupal but compared to like WordPress there is a real shortage of people who can give you advice to any of your problems but for WordPress you have like an unlimited supply of people to give you advice 24/7.

Drupal 3 had many people who made good or great things was sure really nice but when I checked out  Drupal 4 it blow my mind how nothing was working I liked in number three so that alone means trying to do things long term not that attractive anymore which give me issues and many other people for why some people left of this CMS for other things for any software to be good it needs to be upgraded often so it can keep getting better and when SEO factors change often having broken or weak upgrade system it can mean not using something like this can be a problem for example good CMS should get upgraded like weekly to say monthy if possible to it’s always going up to get things better for you or anyone else who wants to use this often.

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