Why are WordPress people so easily offended?

Many of these people believe working in WordPress means you can design as well as anyway well or understand HTML or CSS perfectly when in reality only like 5% to 10% I would guess can understand it well or even okay.

WordPress was created to make website designing if you like idiot prove in a lot of ways since even a child or young person can work it easily without having to do training for months or years in most cases and you can find support on youtube videos or forums or websites in general quite easy overall.

Many of these people for some reason develop a very big ego for using WordPress to do jobs which for most real website designers or programmers it’s super funny such as one guy Yankee got super mad when I told him WordPress was out of date and not good for real designing he was so upset like a child at best.

Another sort of famous dope will not say the name got so offended over the idea not everyone wants to use WordPress anymore the reason for why he was trying to promote his new sort of hosting for trying to fix WordPress when you have to design things to make your software run faster or better you know something went wrong software wise website designing wise overall.

A lot of these people mostly American or West wise think that doing WordPress means you are like pro at designing when in reality most of them can’t understand HTML or how to code even at the high school level so when they shout loud and proud I am coder I laugh often at these  people  since they have no idea how real website designing happened before CMS system like Drupal or Joomla came about before this website designing took a person like 6 months to longer studying books and learning DVS or 1 tag or how to type titles or header or anything else manually meaning to create the sites took a lot of time and effort and for many people around the world this meant you had to be willing to pay someone quite a lot for example between like $50 to like $2000 per website this meant only a small amount of businesses online early 1990 could afford or get a website online since it requires in cases men or women going to college for a few years learning HTML  and Css 


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