Introduction into React

A bit of content needed here it was created by Facebook and developed in 2011 to allow better things to happen on Facebook or other sites later on the idea behind it was sort of cleanup some of the issues with Javascript is incredible true but from SEO viewpoint is often bad or weak since it will often get the process wrong by Google or other search engines as such React was created as a library to fix this issues or problems overall.

Why some people may dislike this is a good thing to know well for one a lot of updates don’t come with if you like training much or video support meaning it could prove someone could work the first version of the software perfect then next one is a big problem for some people and many people struggle to relearn softwares or things fast meaning it may take each person like 1 month to learn the updates by the time that happens say another one could maybe come out which may annoy some people.

Development, when you start, can be kind of slow the big reason for why WordPress became so popular is it’s easy to use that is the main and biggest reason by far so if you want an easy experience then React is probably not for you unless you can pay someone to do it for you learn it yourself.

Some big advantages include

  • Fast speed
  • Fast load times
  • You can change it very easy by just using codes so you could in theory just copy and paste what you want some of the time instead of coding yourself some of the time
  • You can add new features without making it super slow
  • Add new features in easy
  • Cheap hosting

When you understand it you can make changes happen fast often from the style in the CSS file or how the content or website looks as well for why some people maybe prefer this if they come from a real website designer skill base

One of the biggest problems with most CMS systems is they make sites load slow when most people expect a site to load within 2 seconds and WordPress even out of the box takes like 1 to 2 seconds to load that alone is very slow for most people when you add in more data or things it gets slower all the time more less.

A lot of CMS struggle to understand things like Google Search code which is for most people kind of silly but because they were not designed to do basic website things to understand code that is often big problem in many of the CMS such as WordPress which is often like anti code in a lot of ways for how things work to me.

When it comes to most CMS system if you add into codes or plugisn it often gets slower and slower until you have to move server or pay more money to keep it running faster which can get annoying often.

A lot of people don’t understand you can fairly easy on like $1 to $5 have HTML or react running but a CMS on low end site with like 1000 to 10,000 traffic cost you like $20 to $50 per month that alone is big difference in price which is why some people move to HTML to simply save  on money plus the security benefits can be amazing since the average person does not understand most things like wordpress or Drupal or Mangento are so easy to hack for one most use the say admin url which does not help things and even if you use different url then many people will still find it with a little bit of work then try and hack into your site often which can make yourself bad or client life bad if your site gets hacked or there one does they will often blame you for being bad at website security and they will expect you to clean up the mess which can cost big money if you need to pay a hacker to help you do the clean up or a security master and time in some cases like 1 month if the site big one unless you have backup kept which you should always do that whatever site style you run always keep backup offline and online so if one fails the other can hopefuly save the day if the need comes up which it will happen more than you maybe willing to admit or realize overall.

Image compression on react will often work great since it’s in javascript so need to wait for plugins or other things to make the image load fast for you plus you can use the right coding to help them load faster as well plus the usual good compression we need to do as well on softwares like gimp or photoshop or websites which do it all for us automatic more less which can be great to improve the load time or how good the images look as well since some websites often use cheap or free softwares which can some of the time work terrible by making the image look like the blurry messy or broken image in cases which can make things messier if you are trying to present your business as good one to run.

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