Why is WordPress bad now?

  1. Old fashioned
  2. Not designed for Ecommerce
  3. Mostly made for blogs overall
  4. Bit basic
  5. bad for coding jobs
  6. Not designed for busy websites
  7. very bloated software

Well the Php software was created in like 1996 by a Danish Canadian man it was great or cool at the time period but now it is in a lot of ways very dated overall now. Serpstat

WordPress is mostly just for a simple themed blogging site where you have like a site which talks about say health so you have like 100 or so articles covering different health areas such as about skincare or other things but for ecommerce it often becomes slow or weak normally plus WordPress is not designed to work well on big or busier sites often for why it often once a site gets too busy WordPress is normally replaced with say Drupal or something else to handle things to make sure nothing fails to often plus server cost can rocket over WordPress is full of things most people don’t need or use overall which does not help things much here. Android 

Blogging was the idea behind the creation of the CMS as such it focussed heavily on this area or niche meaning non blogger things often don’t work that well for why some people are forced to ditch WordPress for other things such as Shopify for full-on ecommerce platform instead of blogger platform overall.

It’s very easy to hack since you can get in with a simple username and password normally and most WordPress sites have this as URL like wp-admin meaning you don’t need to be able to hack to use this often.

copying in straight code or HTML often does not work well on this CMS because it’s a dated piece of tech and it’s not designed for programmers more just for people who don’t understand coding or website designing well or right overall as such copying in Adsense or other codes often goes wrong on this platform for part of why so many people find this a very stupid CMS some of the time and makes simple jobs often hard or complex which is bad for someone in a busy job overall.

A small to medium size will often work but when you get up to like 50,000 or more traffic per month often the server or site will fail often and you will find you need to keep upgrading and upgrading and paying more and more money to just keep it running over the problems of bloated code or bloated system being mostly in the WordPress platform and the plugin can often make your speed drop so much which is again annoying part of using WordPress meaning it can often mean you need to keep deleting more and more plugins just to make the speed suitable for running big business overall and your clients may request you to delete the CMS and replace it with something better like script or you have to use full HTML language to work the site to cope with the business needs overall.

When things get out of date like all people we need to find the better option it’s like how slow cars used to go only like 10 miles per now we can go over 200 miles per hour so like WordPress it used to be like fast car now it’s more like a donkey for it’s speed or quality wise when it comes to doing any real website jobs and it’s SEO flaws keep getting worse and worse overall so lets move onto better options like React instead does that not sound a good option for you and me a like?

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