Review of Heartbeat

Introduction to this software which allows you to host all your community or communication forms and live events from one site or app.

A competitor for Slack,Discord or Circle or

Allows people to create groups or membership systems with dedicated channels and forums to allow things to become more easy for you to manager or your online manager or office one a like.

Some people or businesses which may find this useful include

  1. Startup organizations
  2. Teachers
  3. High performance businesses 
  4. Social media firms
  5. Investors

You can create channels which allow you to tag people or share gifs to keep the chats interesting or exciting here and you can share events the idea behind is to make your management of chats easier.

Integration with Google or Outlook Calendar is possible which is a good add-on feature here.

You can share documents or other files or videos or share slides which is a good thing to run a successful business or plan for an event you may need to run for your business to sell a product or service or for your work colleagues as well.

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