Crypto introduction

You probably heard of Bitcoin or Dogecoin or other coins so lets discuss a bit of the history of these virtual currencies to help people better understand how they work.

Why was Crypto invented?

To allow the average man or woman to be able to become rich without relying on traditional currencies like the pound or dollars which are often controlled by the banking family meaning if you are not one of them it’s pretty hard to become rich or successful with a lot of hard work or in some cases it’s impossible over general life effects such as when the boomers in 2008 created the biggest recession in human history or when they did it again 2019 and China Real Estate market is breaking done at the moment over Everground about to go bankrupt I suspect.

All these things learn by many people all around the world younger than 70 often have to work way more hours or harder than the baby boomers through no fault of themselves for a lot of the problems were given by the older people overall as such crypto was designed to help me or you be able to buy a coin for like £1.00 today then in 2 to 5 years if goes for bigger money then sell it for like £100,000 then buy home or pay of expenses or simply just give you more saving or allow you to retire instead of working tell you to die which is common now more and more over inflation or other problems.

Crypto should generally not be controlled by one person or a small number of people as such a lot of people don’t see it as risky to lose the money as long as you pick a good coin like Polecat.

The idea behind this coin is to allow people to buy and sell coins without getting scammed since a lot of fake or shitcoin are always coming out which means more and more people are finding it hard to workout what is real or fake coin or what will actually lead to more money or wealth that was what inspired us to create this coin which is getting coded by a master programmer with 20 years experience as coder since this person was a young boy being coded often.

The hope by this founder will allow more people to become rich or retire young or simply have fun instead of being like a slave in regards to how general work hours often get longer and longer for more people as such when this currency enters the market it allow the average man or woman to be able to buy and sell this coin when it’s value goes up enough for decent money allowing the possible route for people to be able to retire younger or simply have a better life than being stuck in dead end job or life overall that is the biggest goal of this coin type for making the younger generation future better and better and not end up a modern-day slave which is common in most countries in the world now sadly.

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