Why not to buy BuildBubbles?

Contacted support last week after it kept crashing over three times the server seems to have trouble handling the traffic or other factors so my browser crashed from just using it tried on two different computers and two different browsers same problems again. Nitropack

Contacted I think the founder Max last week he replied to then when I said more about it never replied further so I just refunded it creators need to learn if they can if your program can not even load right it’s not good way to present yourself to anyone in the business world if your program got this sort of programs stay in the Beta until you are ready to sell or work with the general public or businesses a like if not you just look bad and clueless on business or software overall. http://www.nourishbodymind.com/

The software did sound good if it could work which it could not work overall not sure if it will stay bad or get better later on but I got it refunded either way

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