Udemy courses for programming?

First of what is Udemy?

You can get free or paid courses of it for most areas of study

Has over 155,000 courses with over 40 million people as actual students there

Learn a new skill or up interest or find a new career or get work from it

A lot of people all around the world know that colleges or universities or schools the standards are getting often worse and for worse all around the world more less for example of poor education in West .

Many Can’t read

Many Can’t write

Do even Basic Maths

Understand basic common sense

Understand basic things for example who’s the president of America or Prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Udemy has allowed people with poor education to often get better education for free or paid course than they will often get from most modern education places this is why so many companies like Google or Apple get workers who took Udemy courses which show you quality of courses here is quite overall in most cases.

You could take a course which teaches you for example purposes say Javascript is one of the most used software  languages in the world meaning if you can understand this you can work in many different areas such as



Website designer


Software designer

Videogame creator

That alone gives you many chances for getting a low to high  paid by taking one of these courses but remember to practice what you learned if not the course was not used by you so far so you will probably fail a interview or work if they try and test you during work or before hand  which does happen quite often when it comes to

programmer themed work in my experiences so far such as test you to make a small software or get you fix a software issue they left in a program to test your technical skills or knowledge here so it’s important to apply when possible what you can learn into action as much as possible when you took a Udemy course.

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