Stick the Landing Swipe pages review

A Wee introduction so what exactly is AMP it’s a new type of website page search engines prefer to allow people on slower internet browsers to still be able to use your website so this could allow you to get paid money from people who have worse internet than the usual people so could possibly increase your sales by like 25% a month in some cases for why it maybe useful for your business to make use of but many people don’t have AMP on websites for many reasons such as lack of ways to design it if you are expecting to fully code it yourself which can be complex or if you use plugin most don’t make sites look good or can break as well sometimes on the free ones on the market at the moment.

Creat instant for you Accelerate Mobile pages in just minustes which can be used to track the performance so kind ofl ike how Google Analytics works which is also someone which you could class alternative to Unbounch or Instapage or Leadpages to name a few competitors to them which is great for anyone who has online business overall.

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