Create and sell your online courses is something many people want to do in the following sort of areas






Russian language

Website designing



People affected by Corna with learning advice

A lot of people don’t know that a fair amount of people can easy make over $2000 a month just selling one course or more month if you sell it for say $500 each at 4 sales a month gives you $2000 a month so you would not need to sell much to get to that sort of information by that you would make a lot more money than many people all around the world even on the low scale of course selling.

You can upload videos or music or documents quicky or makes quzzies or give your class assessments which can be used to make your course seem more attractive or useful to anyone learning of you overall.

You can use a good looking landing page to make people joining you go up since a good landing page can increase your sales by a big amount overall which you can have payment link such as Paypal here to get you paid easy since most people in the world own Paypal account in majority of cases .

It is best for teachers who want to earn easy money by selling there knowledge or experience a like to people around the world in easy to understand system overall.

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