Review of Formaloo

Formaloo offers some drag-and-drop tools, allowing your business to create quick and easy software, just like creating a form. It has all the components for drag-and-drop and database infrastructure, which allows you to design as well as assemble different applications.

What Is It?

Formaloo is used across all global platforms, helping you to create your personalized workplace with no coding involved. What’s more, it also helps in collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. These functionalities of Formaloo allows it to create business intelligence and data comprehendible for all people with actionable insight, aiding them to focus on the growth utilizing their data. What’s more, it helps empower them towards knowledge-oriented growth.

How Does it Work?

You will need to sign up on Formaloo using your Google account. Some of the details required while signing up include the following:

Details of Google account

Type and name of the company

Total team members

First of all, you will need to select your team and invite them for work. The workspace created will then be allowed for payment or a subscription. The dashboard allows you to check your credit score and other details, which enables you to check your free trial span and other details. You can check your online business earnings by checking your credit score.

The Formaloo platform also allows you to create your company’s outlook with some templates and designs. You can also check the total number of visitors coming to your site, which helps you to check the influence your company has created on others.

Features of Formaloo

Let’s see some features of Formaloo:

1. Customer Data Planning

Formaloo enables you to convert your data into revenue, which enables you to alleviate your churn up to 83%, helping in analyzing clients and increasing conversion rate. The AI tech enables you to integrate the data conveniently. Your apps can also be integrated into your business through customer analytics.

It will optimize your client lifetime value as well, which will result in more attainment of insights for clients to satisfy them from your business more. This customer data plan is automatic and does not need any background, helping you to improve your focus through your business and helping you get more revenue this way.

2. WordPress Form

Formaloo’s WordPress comes with a drag-and-drop system as well as a complete widget builder to contain different features. What’s more, you are able to develop a lot of different customer data forms through this, which happen to be without any cost.

What’s more, the analytics are super easy as well as efficient, perfect for an enterprising level having no further requirement of any kind of coding. You can see WordPress is also included in this package, which is all automatic and also has an all inclusive collection form for customer data. As a result, you will have more ease when it comes to working. What’s more, the templates are present in hundreds.

3. Facebook Retargeting

The Facebook retargeting feature enables you to put your focus on your targeted audience with social media. You can advertise your business on all Meta sites like Instagram, which are one of the most popular sources on the internet, to generate more

clients for your business within a span of a short time.

Your data can be utilized to develop certain campaigns for advertising which people like and follow to complete the different forms and surveys to become a part of your customer data plan.

4. Templates

The platform also has a lot of different templates using which you can easily keep your team intact. It is because these templates allow you to organize all your work. You can divide your work across different sub-teams, including event organization, HR work, surveys, bookings, and many more to come.

5. Database and Forms

Formaloo comes with among the most advanced quiz makers and forms that allow you to create different surveys and quizzes. This thing allows for data collection on a large scale. The database mode, calculator, and logic enable you to attain accurate info from your targeted audience.

Pros and Cons


No need for code

Highly advanced features

Free user manual

Hundreds of templates

83% churn reduction


It might not be very useful for one-man businesses.


There are four different pricing categories.

The free plan offers up to five databases with unlimited records, blocks, and responses in addition to 50MB cloud storage for free. It is GDPR compliant too.

The PLUS plan is charged at $9 per month for one user with unlimited databases and apps, unlimited team members, 2GB cloud storage for every member, and automation for workflow with logic and a calculator. It also enables you to accept payments.

The PRO plan is charged at $19 per month for one user with advanced tools and a Formaloo logo removal option. Every team member gets 10GB of cloud storage with daily backups.

In addition, there is an exclusive option called the Executive option, which enables self-

hosting, SAML, SSO, and HIPAA compliance with more add ons and professional services.


1. How can I use the forms through Formaloo?

It enables you to create different forms that relate to the process of recruitment, education, job applications, quizzes, and a lot more. It enables you to design configured forms having logic that can be easily used in different ways.

2. How can Formaloo optimize my business?

The Formaloo platform enables you to attain further growth for your business, lowering any negative impact on it. Eventually, your business will be optimized according to the different social networking platform ads, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a lot of others.

3. How do I choose the templates in Formaloo to work for my business?

Check the purpose of the company you have and what it serves in order to choose the template. There are hundreds of templates available on Formaloo from which you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.


Formaloo, therefore, helps people in generating leads in a short amount of time. What’s more, it is great for improving the overall growth of the business.

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