Review of Airmeet

Host virtual meetings with a range of useful tools to help you make things work right.

Have more than one speaker at it

Able to sell products or services or simply use it as network or training system

You can go onto video call with one two people at the event meaning you talk to a lot of people on personal level but it tells you there details so if you want to talk further you can easy get there details from the profile they share with you .

Create Airmeet with

 Basic info 

time and date

host details

add speakers

add sessions

additional details

Once that’s done you get a handy link you can share with people going to your event . scratch

webtexttool .The event takes place in the area known as the social lounge where you can chat to other people at the event they call it speed networking which means you get paired with someone random you can exchange details such as let’s say you are joiner who wants more online leads you may get paired to a SEO who you can both work

together to get your leads up a month.

You can join a table then talk about different things with them but if you want too you can easily leave the table and join a new one each time their details show up such as name and other personal details meaning you can connect to them after the event done if you want too.

You can have in your table image a put your brand in to boost your business brand at events each time as well.

You can as speaker put in emotional signs to allow you to connect more easily with your attendances and you can have prerecorded video prerecorded to stop your people from getting bored before things properly start with you .

More than one speaker can share the stage at the same time and you can upvote questions to make sure the best questions get answered each time and you can use the software to raise your hand if you want the attention of any of the speakers by clicking your mouse and you will see the chat so you can reply back to people as well quite simply .

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