Programmer story time

Breaking down problems with coding should be done in a simple way to make the task become simpler for the programmer working short term or long term a like 

Learning a new programming language can allow you to go further such as Java itself is powerful program which is used in many programs a round the world such as used by the Lottery company which is gambling themed company which you the machine you use when you buy in a shop is based in the Java format for how some of it works .

Calculator  even cheaper ones often work in the Java style so even when you went to school you would have used this type of software to learning to use this could be a smart way to improve your chances to work in the programming field a like in big or a small way  for many different companies around the world who could pay you anywhere from small wages to  like $100 to over $100,000 a month. Mouse

Teaching yourself to code is probably way to learn there of people who done programming have no idea how to do anything since in a lot of cases further education anything of value you not much will be taught to you so simply read programming articles online then once you start to learn more built a simple app or program .

You could build a program to open your garage door by simply having tablet or desktop with program connected to your garage door to allow you to open it automatic or from holding your tablet or computer quite easy by the way many people after doing this have a controller which allows you to do it far away from the door .Laptops

You can easy  work from anywhere in the world if you can learn to code right this can allow you to live in different countries such as the United Kingdom or USA or Russia or anywhere else you want as long as you can get internet and computer access it’s very possible thing done by many people around the world like my greek friend now lives in America but he used to code in Greece in the past but now runs a successful programming company which does keyword research for you in regards to one of his past softwares he used not being very good anymore but now he has big company with many businesses or people paying him over $1000 a month to use his software and it will probably keep getting more popular as time goes on which should help to inspire you to great things like he did by finding a program then finding a better way to sort the problem then selling this as a like service type to different SEO all around the world more less or people who target Western SEO countries a like which gives him the chance to get retire early if he wants to now as well many other people did who became successful programmers. 

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