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I was just chatting with a friend online about different sort of things then he bought up about software his business or company is getting made which included software which can allow people to workout medical illness involving skin such as say acne based on the photo or image the software takes then the people can sell or provide medical treatment towards them.

Anyway it came up in our chats making a software which allows us to be able to design gardening equipment around someone house or garden and then be able to offer different features such as walls among other things then give them the skill to be able to draw it then bill them for it once they find the right style then get it made by our business or the people doing the actual physical work for it.

Wage or payment is being shared whether become a wage person or someone who gets just a shareholder wage per each sale we generation I would prefer both for now until it starts to make money.

Investment is important for all business relationships to understand how much money you need to make a business make money or sales a month or just cover the general costs as well

We had a Videocall last Sunday we discussed many different things such as

History of programming
Work experiences of me and him
What the goals are here
How much money we both can make from it
Shared a few SEO and programming secrets

Asked for me to prepare like investment form of Accounting back so preparing that at

the moment before me and hm get started.

The person works for a giant bank so put it this way even if someone was a chain smoker and alcoholic and obsessed with wasting money on card games the person if they owned the bank still have loads of money left.

We are going to discuss things so it may result in me flying out to Germany to something with their bank but that’s still in chats before and I found a Russian lady who works there so going to see if she can give me a guest post as well.


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