Pinterest software we are making

Work so far includes

Studying how Pinterest works

What’s allowed

How to get traffic

How to make money

Network with others

What if you could use the science behind Pinterest to double your sales? That’s the promise of Purpose: Pinterest social media pins. After a recent redesign of the site, many changes have been made in order to help users better understand how the platform works or run on Pinterest. One of the changes is that when someone pins your content they now get a popup explaining how to get more views and take your pin into search. Successful pinners could use the science behind Pinterest in order to increase their sales by understanding the science behind how it runs and what kind of impact it has on their image.

Pinterest is a powerful platform for business people. You can use the website to increase your profits with your web designs, boost traffic, and improve SEO rankings with just a couple of pin placements. Purpose: A social media site targeting business people.Selling Points: Increase your sales by betting understanding the science behind how Pinterest works or runs for pins and broadsTarget Market: SEO,business people

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