Let’s crush it with Designbold!

What is this program for?

Making images 

Creating images fast

making unique images for any kind of business more less

having like your own team of professional photographic working for you since some the images were taking from famous locations among other places

Saving you money

Once you logged in click New design+ you will see images click the one you want such as Facebook so if you were making a Facebook page you could use this make good quality image to brand you page very fast overall.

Click the one you want for example say we are running a fast food place then click the one showing fast food place called Chicken Burg use that one lets say are brand is called”Chickeman” all we do is click the words images for Chicken Burg then change it by clicking your mouth then delete their words to are brand name

You will see now the word saying Italian among others just delete that or change it to something else you like it. https://www.highlandproductfindersearch.co.uk/

Lets say we don’t like the font we see no problem just click the front area lets change it now to 2 Exo or anything else you like and if you want another colour no problem just click the colour you see the other one then click to the other word lets go with green here you can make it different versions of green if you prefer to the standard one shown here.

Elements are images you can upload yourself or get the free ones here or buy extra ones if you prefer just click what you want for example car then take the one you want this will change your current template to the image you prefer or like for making you look attractive by simply clicking the one you want then dragging it your target area of the image .

Background allows you to change the colour such as white or yellow or or Blue or Black among other ones very easy I don’t use this that much but can be cool add on feature!

Text just whatever letters you want to appear on your photos very easy to use overall.

tools can allow you to make graph or chart I did not use this much but it can be useful in some business or Accounting uses overall.

Upload just when you want to add in your own images for some of the time.

Favorite can just includes you like the most or the ones you bought so far.

Content kit can give you different template styles to work from with which can easy enough work through what I told you from within this guide quite easy.

Chat support is below this if you ever need any advice I found the team very friendly but I have never contacted with any problems so far since overall things work very smoothly in my thoughts overall it has saved me a lot of money when I used to pay $100 or more month on graphic designed in different places or websites a like 

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