Main issues support

What is the point of this software

Keeps acting like a Beta software

can’t do what was paid for

The support is overall in my thoughts one of the worst I have experienced to date if you say a problem instead of help they often take 2 to 5 days to reply back and then generally don’t provide answer which is often caused by a problem they created. The last time I contacted them the woman behind the software basically sent me a rude message instead of helping me .

The idea behind this software meant to allow you or anyone else to be able to make phone calls from using your laptop or desktop or your actual phone as well from within the website or app as well so we could in theory have a virtual number from say Edinburgh in Scotland or many other places in the world meaning we could use this for simply a way to answer calls from anywhere in the world more less without always having to carry a phone.

You use it from the website but you need slack and you could add in other softwares to make it run in theory better or give more features

Way to make cheap phone calls or texts and not have to pay monthly phone cost like traditional phone service 

please note I have had this software since January 24, 2018 meaning it has being over three years meaning it should be out of beta or at least got better by now. IT will often crash or not work I have tried on many occasions to ask support to fix them it explains why it keeps on not working instead of taking responsibility for being an inconfident programmer they are playing the role of victim to get out of with being useless at one job. Always get no speed or power to make phone calls or texts anymore.

At the time it was meant to allow me to be able to make phone calls or send text to verify things like Paypal it would work sometimes before like 2 years but now nothing wrong at all and even when it worked Paypal or things like whatapp did not like or trust the number so was always issues with they never fixed or tried to make things better all from my experience of trying to use it. 

IT is also bit stupid you have to be log into slack and yodel at the same time to make a

phone call which makes things messy overall it would better if it could work fully from one area instead of needing two to do it which to me would have being useful improvement they could had made but I doubut will happen since it as said before keeps on getting worse until it will finally not work anymore and for why I believe this overall Appsumo worst ever software I have used to date 

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