Dumb and dumber LTD providers

Dealmirror +Starhost.io

So let me tell you how this story started I bought hosting of this group so I thought I could use hosting something which seemed a confusing thing for both parties to understand so I sent in total 3 emails then I give up and on the forth asked for refund then the guy got kind of stupid or inconvenient again so I asked so-called dealmirror.com about so instead of sending me a refund they got the hosting company to send me rude messages which makes no sense since includes many lies which will be shown here.


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inventing problems


Here is example of even the lies they tell 

I did not provide the wrong details or license I copied the ones I got after buying from someone. I never provided the wrong link for a website and I did not put a code since I found the service terrible. 

Then seems surprised when I claim I want a refund after 3 go nowhere emails I decided to get refund to me I was pretty reasonable when I buy something I expect to use not wait 2 years or so as these people seem to expect.

You provided the wrong login details for your website.

You’ve provided the wrong link for your website.

You didn’t insert the code as is advised.

But you are the one which is saying: this is not working??

As long as the code is not inserted correctly and you are proving wrong details regarding your website, how can I help you?

Please have a look at your emails and my messages!

I’ve proved that your credentials are wrong!

Please verify and after then send me the wright login details for your website:

– admin link

– username 

– password

Otherwise I can’t verify how you’ve installed the code!

Kind regards,

Sending someone to me quite cheeky email does not make you sound cool or better service wise if you were wanting to keep my business here some tips for you make real offer for example give me free add on service or give me a discount on the price if not people will probably not use you since you already proved yourself very bad so far.

I then contracted Dealmirror the business I bought the hosting of since I could not deal with the hosting provider over the worst hosting service ever got to date so far.

Here how things played out I sent a live about it never got back to me any useful emails or when it would happen.

I was then forced to try after 7 days with no news or useful information jump onto live chat 3 times all the times they were so useless so many that’s why both work together?

That’s why to me Dumb and Dumber makes perfect sense for what I Call both Dumb is Dealmirror and Dumber is Starhost.co

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