A Few Microsoft mistakes

The idea of Bill gates meant to be some kind of programmer is laugher since no company or software to date his business has bought they have not wreaked in big way meaning using it more less pointless anymore for example Skype in May 2011 they bought before that it used to be a software which would run without problems like crashing the first month after they bought it would crash all the time and always go offline.

When they made the phone app it used to call people without me touching it for why in the first day it was installed in a phone I had to uninstall since it kept calling people without me being able to stop it.

Dreamweaver when I used to use it was incredible software allowing you to make websites in HTML language the idea why it was so popular you could do sites in full coded style very easy and see how your website would look before it goes live and connected a server to it was quite wasy overall as well so was great tool before. https://www.directoryforyou.tk/

The online support get getting worse and worse if you had any problems for example it was kind of like you are receiving emails or phone calls of someone who’s never used the internet or a website before for example in the past I had to explain to someone at Windows that HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language sounds a bit silly but intelligence in the team was no where to be seen so relying on them for advice was pointless overall.

They used to have forum where you could ask questions to people who worked as website designers for over 10 years so it was amazing place to get support of some really smart people but since they cut this service this then forced me to move away from this service and use WordPress instead since was a lot more easy to use and had no problems like you have more and more with Dreamweaver many other people went down the route I did overall.

Before they got this software it used to be very popular as like a way you could send messages or videocalls to someone in most country in the world that was why it became so popular they used to offer paid phone call services but I never knew of anyone who used it for that but I guess someone must have the idea of the program was for you be able to speak without having to pay expensive international phone calls like you had to before the internet was so popular so that would allow people from the United Kingdom to be able to phone up someone based in China then do business calls in the past it was very popular for companies to use to do business deals I used to do that with

lots of Chinese businesses before Gates destroyed it was a very powerful tool for businesses but now after all the problems they created it fell out of fashion now.

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