What are the good points of Android software?

95% free to make this

Only cost if you outsource this to someone to else to make app or game would be staff hourly costs or software to make it if you want

Very easy to work

Crashes more less no times

Can do programming jobs on someone phone or tablet or computers a like so no problem doing programs jobs at home or office or on the go a like

Requires very little programming knowledge to make amazing apps or games alike

You can get paid okay to good money quite easy from doing this kind of work for example you offer to build someone a game for say $100 on a smaller scale on large scale, not much of limit to how much they could pay you to complete the work https://www.sandro-mathys.ch/

Freedom to work in any country in the world quite easy as long as you can get access to the internet you can exchange easy tips or get advice from other more advanced programmers in the need comes up.

Many people find phone games very fun to play nowadays so if you make a game it could easy allow you to make it big in life such as you become a millionaire or simply pay off all your debt from making one type of game many success stories exist online but some of the people behind these sort of success keep it secret so they can just enjoy life than give away interviews covering how they designed the software or the company history such who  founded it and why the business was formed. 

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