Microsoft Minesweeper

I will give you a little bit of history into this game in the past most Windows based computer contained this free game sometimes in other styles with different levels or parts to it was popular game by kids all the way up to adults to simply fill in some spare time or do it with friends a like .

Many people before the internet was so big used to play it all the time if they did not have say Playstation 1 one or other older game consoles so the demand for this type of game was huge in the past and even now many people still play it all the time even I do sometimes as well .

I was in the past a giant gamer any old games or new ones I used to play such as I own still a Snes or Neo Geo among many other old gameconsoles for collecting or to play sometimes.

The game here is fully free so if you want just click the link below and have a bit of fun with it .

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