I love software designing but my spelling needs some work!

You need some kind of software or app which can check your spelling anywhere you do it or your grammar levels the best we have used so far be Grammarly you can use this for free or for cheap monthly cost.

Most business people around the world who use English as first or second language will probably use this is used by many British or American people all the time just to show you native speakers use it as well as non native ones.

How do you know if you made a mistake it will put red unline then give you ideas how to work it such as you spelled the word wrong or made grammar mistake just click your mouse then change it to the right word or words each time it’s very fast to use overall.

Sometimes it will make mistakes if that’s the case just manually forget the changes it recommends or change it something right you know yourself.

You can put in goals if you want never personally used it but I guess some people must love or like this sort of feature overall.

You get a score which may like or dislike for me personally never used the scoring of the article as something to workout quality since many different factors go into information be right such as

Easy to understand
Right tone of voice

When you include this sort of things Grammarly you can see it is great but like all Softwares you need to understand how to work them right to get maximum benefits of them overall.

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