How can you find backlinks from within Scrapebox?

scrapebox tutorial

Learning within this guide more will tips will be added shortly by the way!

What is a Foot print?

This means something we use to find a niche type of link or site type for example examples include

Submit content
free content
Free Author account
Free contribute Account

What exactly happens when Scrapebox now goes into Google or other search engines to find links? It will now scan all parts of the Google or other search engines to try and find websites which contain any of the keywords or keyword phrases we type in to try and pull up for sites which we have need to find for some reason.

Can you rank up your site using the free links it find?

Yes you can since you will find links from low to high authority like which can rank up for 0 all the way to ones rankings for over 10,000 keywords from each site finds so better than many paid links you may get your hands on.

How long does it take to complete the task?

This depends on the speed of your computer or the internet or your proxys or how many footprints you use for how long this will take but for small jobs at most 30 minutes but in more extreme cases could take a full week to get it done.

Scrapebox Mac

You probably heard or wondering of you own a Apple computer will it work on Apple yes it will work but a lot of them will not work as well as Windows since Scrapebox was better designed to work in Apple me and the creator of this software got into talks about it they told me they regret making it run on Apple over all the problems they give them which was why some of the plugins did not work well or in some cases ever work in them because of lack of capitable between Scrapebox and Apple overall.

What type of links can this get for you ?

Public guest posts

Private guest posts



Web 2.0

Social media


All languages

Prefer romance languages from my tests so far



Networking links

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