Google drive programming style and Storage?

What is the basic of this software?

Allows you to store whatever you want online such as videos,music,images,documents such as Microsoft word,Excel among other things

Being able to store information wherever you live as long as you have internet connection and actual computer

 Build programs

Open up a excel file in your Google Sheets. Next click on Add ons.

Click get add ons lets try out Google Analytics once installed click on Google Analytic then click on new report

When you want to remove add on all you do is click manager add on then click uninstall it will get done quite fast overall

Yet another mailmerge is a serious cool software to use to email marketing which you can use even off you are on a tiny budget since it gives you 50 free emails to send a day but if you need more you can easily buy them.

Fill in your details before you use it such as names or email addresses

Click yet another mail merge

then click start mailmerge

A email with the brand name will now start to load up

You can decide if you want to buy extra credits or invite others for more if not just click continue

Put in your sender name such as John Smith

Click a template if you have none just find one here.

You can delay until tomorrow or whenever you want it done as well

Receive a test email good way to check if your email worked right or not

if all your checks look good then click send emails on the end hand part of the software

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