My review of Publer?

Most people always wonder why such a social media management tool like this?

The main point of using this so you can have free time for doing other jobs since managing a social media account more than one can take you a lot of time or work and if you employing staff to do it could cost you say $2000 a month depending on the workload so having a tool you can pay once or pay monthly for small money is a useful thing to have take it from someone has being doing social media management for over 9 years doing the work yourself is not easy so having something to automatic it a very good idea or semi automate it.

How can you add Account here?

Click the part in your Accounts part of your account which says add account show in the image above here for example lets click Facebook here all we do is put in are password to Facebook when we click there then once that’s done all are groups or pages should show so we are now just about ready to use the software so click all the pages or posts you want added then it should add them for you so you can work them from within the dashboard.

What platforms can we use this tool on?

  • Facebook pages or groups or locations
  • Linkedin profile ,Page
  • Twitter Account
  • Googe My Business
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Youtube coming soon
  • VK coming soon

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