What is the life of a programmer like?

First the negatives here!

  • Can become Stressful sometimes
  • Lack of money
  • Rough clients
  • Problems with laws or Governments
  • People always wanting to pay you a tiny wage or income amount for jobs
  • Getting thrown away when someone offers to do it cheaper than you
  • Software you use to build others kinds break or go offline short term
  • Lack of time gives you many problems

Now Postives

  • Can make you very rich
  • Bring you happiness
  • Allow you freedom to travel the world
  • Make you find love
  • Work with some very intelligent people
  • Learn things
  • Build programs to improve the lifes of others such as you may build a medical prgram to help doctors keep records of when a patient was last checked by them
  • Work for the Armies services or kind of like secrect groups or society some of the time
  • Work for the government all around the world
  • Can be hard to do things which you may enjoy

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