Serpstat the Fantastic Slavic Software !

Good introduction points

  1. Incredible customer service support all the time
  2. Very easy to understand
  3. You could learn most of it yourself quite fast without you needing much practice or training 
  4. Provides to me more advanced SEO tools than Ahrefs overall in my thoughts
  5. provides more Eastern Europe data than say Ahrefs overall
  6. Share data with who?
  7. Can use for free to start with

Now I will answer this question most of you will probably want to know early on “hi but everyone says Ahrefs is the best backlink checker or best SEO program so why would I need Serpstat ?” well put simply ahrefs has many parts to the program 90% of SEO will get next to no value from it sounds cool having like 100 or so uses to tool but if you only need 10 or so from it seems kind of pointless using tool without the main uses you need which is where this other program to me is lightyears ahead in many areas in my thoughts.

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